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Archive Seed Bank is the breeding program and seed company behind long time continually active online community member and former Overgrow.com member, "ThaDocta".

Originally conceived in 2006, "The Archive" was Docta's attempt to establish a long term goal at heirloom, verified original cannabis clones and seed lines. So that they could be preserved via distribution of genetics to closed groups of talented breeders and growers so as to preserve these historic lines through verifiable grows and networks. Clones and seed selections were distributed all across the nation, from SoCal, to the NW, Hawaii, East Coast Colorado, the South East, and in every corner of the country. These heirloom genetics were consciously distributed to trusted friends that would uphold the tradition of genetic preservation through verifiable genetic material and strong relations, Archive shows respect to those who risked their freedom in the 80's and 90's preserving and growing these insanely dank heirloom specimens that has allowed us to provide them to the public today.

Docta helped contribute to the documentation of 3 strains in the original Canna Bible series and has charitably donated a large
portion of his extensive genetic library of clone only strains to be used in original formation of Rare Dankness seeds. A small, incomplete list of some of the clone only heirloom genetics ThaDocta was directly involved with and provided some of the earliest online documentation, verifiable acquisitions, and long term preservation's of are :

Albert Walker, Triangle Kush, Face Off OG #4, San Diego Cat Piss, NorCal Cat Piss, Purple Indica, Poison OG, PNW Dog Shit, Malawi x NLHaze, Pure Malawi Gold, PNW William's Wonder, Corn and the list goes on...

Through his extensive network of old school grower friends he was able to compile and collect 100's of "clone only", extremely rare
varieties from across the USA. After non stop 11 years of constant seed growing and clone only comparative analysis and exhaustive

verification of authenticity, ThaDocta decided to finally make some of his breeding and rare genetics made available to growers across the planet and not just to those that know about the underground Archive.
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Rudeboi OG

The Atlanta favourite, The "Irene" OG.  From the original source Rudeboi/Grohard, and named after him.  An awesomely potent mix of all things OG and Kush from the legendary Socal palate of lip-smacking flavors.  The Irene is famous throughout the South East USA where it commands the highest price and is sought after by all those who will pay the fee to enjoy the sophisticated flavor and it's sublimely potent effect.  Our Rudeboi OG hybrid makes for the a very uncommon fragrance that is supremely satisfying.  Difficult to describe, it's those "old school" dank hashy kushy low notes of both parents that gets amplified 10 fold in the crossbreed and makes for the of the most inexplicably delightful and refreshing smoke.

Lineage : "Irene" OG x Face Off OG bx1

Our Price: $100.00
Valley Girl

Our Old School OG Original "Kush" cutting from people that have been growing it in the San Fernando Valley since 1999. A true verified original cut. Likely One of the very few still left un-tainted and pure. Crossed with our Face/Off OG Bx1 Male this is a guaranteed winner!

Lineage : Valley OG x Face Off OG BX1

Our Price: $100.00
Kirkwood OG

F Cut OG x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $100.00
Zero G

Legend OG x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $130.00
Space Face

Skywalker OG x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $130.00
Sour Face

Sour Diesel x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $130.00
Louis Faced

Louie XIII OG x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $130.00
True Colors

True OG x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $130.00
French Bread

Perris OG x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $130.00
Heavenly OG

Tahoe OG x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $130.00
Clearwater Kush

Floridah OG x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $130.00
Elevated OG

Better Than Your OG x Faceoff OG

Our Price: $130.00
designer OG

Hollywood\Malibu\Topanga Pure Kush x Faceoff Og bx1

Our Price: $130.00
Race Fuel

High Octane OG x Faceoff Bx1

Our Price: $130.00
Larry Faced

Our Price: $130.00
Sugar Biscuits

Animal Cookies x Dosidos

Our Price: $200.00

White Tahoe Cookies x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $200.00
Junior Mints

Animal Cookies aka '09 Cookies x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $200.00
Polynesian Thin Mint

Polynesian Cookies x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $200.00
Scooby Snacks

DHN Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Faceoff Bx1

Our Price: $200.00

Forum Cookies x Faceoff bx1

Our Price: $200.00
Valley Vixen

San Fernando Valley OG x Dosidos

Our Price: $200.00
Trunk Funk

White Tahoe Cookies x Dosidos

Our Price: $200.00
The Vision

Lemon G x Dosidos

Our Price: $200.00
Tidal Wave

Malibu/Hollywood Pure Kush x Dosidos

Our Price: $200.00
Southern Bell

Irene OG x Dosidos

Our Price: $200.00
Secret Formula

White Fire 43 x Dosidos

Our Price: $200.00
Plum Wine

Colorado Flo x Dosidos

Our Price: $200.00
High Five

Tahoe OG x Dosidos

Our Price: $200.00
Heat Wave

Jet Fuel OG x Dosidos

Our Price: $200.00