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Well well well!!! This is one for the record books and I don't mean that lightly. The Irene Apricot is a masterful hybrid combination bred by an amazing breeder and a good friend of mine Obsoul33t. The Irene is a very powerful and terpine rich earthy OG that is just something a little bit beyond the perfect OG IMO. This clone only OG was pollinated by the amazing Apricot Helix male and the results were unreal. Obsoul33t gifted me a handful of these amazing genetics and has not given them out to anyone else. Through my search I found the most apricot smelling and tasting flowers I have ever grown with copious resin production and a mixture of Apricots and a rich earthy OG undertones. The Irene Apricot female I kept was one of the most exciting and unique strains I have ever had the pleasure of growing throughout my 20 year grow career. The male had such a strong Apricot aroma I didn't even have to do a stem rub to smell it. The aroma was present by the 3rd week after germination and could be detected simply by walking by the male with any air movement around that particular plant. This male had a very compact structure and close internodal spacing. I knew as soon as I harvested my first batch of Irene apricot at 42 days of flower that it was something truly special and needed to be used in some hybrids so I could share it with the world. The apricot aroma and flavor is undeniable and overpowers all other smells in the garden with its sweet and mouth watering apricot scents. If taken to 65 days the yields get larger and the aroma even more powerful. There are a limited number of Irene Apricot f2 and a couple other bad ass combos that should not be slept on by any true collector of lover of unique and top shelf cannabis.

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J1 x Irene Apricot
A1 is the steak sauce, terp sauce and copious amounts of greasy apricot/lemon/lime resin, this will most definitely be one of your choice head stash strains that you can do a single flower run without at least 1 plant to ensure you never run out. Don't sleep on these girls cuz they wont last long.

Our Price: $200.00

Alien Orange Cookies x Irene Apricot

Our Price: $200.00
Aprinana Pie

Candied Banana Pie x Irene Apricot

Our Price: $200.00
Apricot Game Killer

The mix of two fast flowering, super terpy, diamond covered power houses. This hybrid is sure to please with an overload to all of your senses. Strong as a dab and tasty like fresh apricots on a summer day, impress even the most experienced smokers and growers with this sexy new cultivar.

Sliced Apricots

Atom Splitter (California Farms cut) x Irene Apricot

Our Price: $250.00
Midnight Apricot Lime

Black Lime Reserve [(Jay's Cut) Aficionado Seeds] x Irene Apricot (Bred By Obsoul33t)

Our Price: $250.00